How To Get Rid of Man Boobs – Surgery Is Not The Only Way

Getting rid of man boobs by surgery or going through a gynecomastia surgery is not the only option you have. We will discuss about the other methods that may be applicable in your situation and also what the surgery to remove man boobs is all about.

Many adults go through their adolescence with man boobs, or enlarged breasts. However, this could be a case of hormonal imbalances during puberty as they enter into early adulthood. These man boobs tend to go away as the teenager embraces his manhood when the imbalance is corrected as part of natural aging. These men need not contend with their gynecomastia condition and have no worries after a while. For the minority who continue to suffer from breast enlargement, it is crucial for them to learn how to get rid of man boobs. It can be emotionally disturbing to grapple with the issue especially when their manhood and masculine nature is marginalized.

Man boobs can occur due to illnesses, obesity, abuse of drugs, and the usage of prescribed medicine. The antidote to eradicate the condition of man boobs is to find a way to resolve the root cause.

Obesity is a major problem in lots of men with man boobs. The good news is that the man boobs condition can be readily treated by weight loss. With suitable adjustments made to their diets, lifestyles and physical activities, the state of their gynecomastia condition could be improved drastically.

Stopping the usage of drugs, be it marijuana or others can cause the gynecomastia to recede. Victims have discovered that when they stop consuming certain prescribed medicine which could be connected to the development of gynecomastic in their bodies, the condition resolves on its own without any further interference.

Those who have developed man boobs as a side-effect of medical reasons such as liver or kidney diseases are able to subdue the breast growth with proper treatment towards their medical condition – the root causes for the man boobs. Very often, recovery from the illnesses would get rid of the man boobs.

Gynecomastia surgery is the last resort when all else failed. Before you decide on this operation, speak to your doctor and ask for his/her opinion on the appropriate treatment to your problem. The root cause for the breast enlargement could very well be one of those that can be treated with methods we saw earlier. This operation is not suitable for everyone. Ideally, the patient would need to be healthy and psychologically stable. He should also have good elastic skin that would respond well to re-contouring. Afterall, the surgery to get rid of man boobs is a cosmetic surgery and sculpting of the breast is required.

The surgery can set you back by more than $5000. Consider this carefully and consult your insurance company. The sad fact is that if the breasts are not cancerous and removal is for cosmetic purposes, you may not be able to make the necessary claims. After the surgery, there can be chest discomfort. Physical activities and strenuous exercises should be avoided for at least a month for full recovery. Depending on the seriousness of the surgery and how your body is responding, you may have to put on an uncomfortable elastic vest to secure the chest area. The full recovery process would take several months.

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